I’m so excited to have two of my cute friends be new contributors to this blog! Meet Jeremy and Julie. Jeremy is a designer at Roots and is soon coming out with his own line. Julie is the creative brand director at Au Lit Fine Linens and co-founder of Edmoure Ralph. 

‘His + Hers’ will be a couple of outfits centered around a theme — this week it’s a fall picnic because I’m seriously in love with the weather right now.  I love their take on a picnic blanket and basket. Plus, I’d totally wear that outfit. So good! What look would you like to see?


01. Gold Bangle  |  02. Camouflage Jacket  |  03. Peter Pan Collared Tee

04. Skinny Jeans  |  05. High Top Wedge Sneaker  |  06. Leather Backpack  |  07. Vintage Watch

// HIS

01. Hooded Shirt  |  02. Bracelets  |  03. Jacket

04. Slim Cotton Pants  |  05. Running Shoes  |  06. Pendelton Blanket