Hrrrthrrr is a daily journal, documenting my life, my adventures  + the little things I love in life.

I’m Heather, a designer and creator living in Los Angeles.  With a background in interior design and a love for all creative outlets, Hrrrthrrr has been the perfect way for me to express myself. A lot of people ask me what it is I do and I’m lucky enough to not have a real job title. My work includes having my hands mostly in interior design, set design, and graphic design. My overall goal in life is to create full time on my own terms.

I spend most of my free time listening to my massive music collection, taking pictures, drawing, watching movies, thrifting, riding Space Mountain, spending time with friends, and lusting after puppies. I’m a total kid at heart!

Everything featured on Hrrrthrrr is hand picked. If I’m not personally interested in it—you won’t see it on this site!